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Exercise testing is a method used to evaluate your current physical status, we measure heartrate, poweroutput, blood lactate concentration.



- You perform an incremental exercise test on your own race bike, which is mounted on a Wahoo Kickr (or on our Wahoo Bike).

- Depending on age and gender, workload starts at either 60, 70 or 100W, and is increased by 30/40W per 3 or 8 min until volitional maximum. 

- Throughout the test, small blood samples are taken from the earlobe at 3/4/8-min. intervals for determination of blood lactate concentration. We continuously measure intensity, heartrate and power during this test.


- After the test we explain the test & results in detail,

- we will know your weaknesses and your strengths and how to tackle them.

- We determine your heartrate zones, powerzones and thresholds.

- If you happen to have a powermeter we will adjust the results to meet your own powermeter results (if applicable).

- We formulate trainingsessions to become a stronger and more resilient athlete.


We have 2 options, they only differ in the protocol, in essence in the length of the steps 3 vs 8 minutes (short vs long protocol).

If you are an endurance athlete the long protocol is the best option for you, this means that you will have a very precise overview of your thresholds (FatMax & Lactate threshold).