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Bike fitting is a process of adjusting a bike for a cyclist to optimize their comfort, performance and efficiency. Cyclists often experience overuse injuries such as numbness, cyclist back, anterior knee pain, ... and this is often due to an incorrectly set up of the bike. Bike fitting aims to prevent injuries, increase efficiency, comfort and improve performance for all cyclists. Bike fitting is for anybody who rides their bike, particularly if an overuse injury has occurred, to maximise their enjoyment and performance.”

Every bikefit follows this protocol: 

- Interview (elaborate questionnaire)

- Functional screening

- Measuring bike setup

- Analysis of the current bike position (if performed on current bike)

- Adjust the bike setup (if performed on current bike)

We have 3 modules - Fit Before you buy, this is optimal when you want to buy a new bike or frame, the standard this one is perfect when you already have a bike and you want to optimize your position on your current bike. The ultimate process is ideal when you are looking for that extra edge, this is a process and you'll come back 2 times.

Fit before you buy – dreaming of that next bike but you’re not sure about the size? You want to know if your body matches that aero frame? Then this option is what you need, fit first buy later! This leaves the guessing out and you will be certain that you spend your money on something you want, need and are able to ride without compromise and without complaints. Once you have your bike we book a finetune session so you can enjoy that #newbikeday in full glory! Get your fit-before-you-buy now!


The Standard –  You bought a bike but you are not comfortable when riding it? You have complaints and you can't fix it yourself? Or you are looking for the perfect position? You want to prevent injuries and perform better? The module 'bikefit - the standard' gives you insight in your own body (functional screening) and through the interview we get a good overview on your problems, needs, goals and complaints.


The ultimate process – You bought a bike but you don't feel comfortable? You have complaints and but you can't fix it yourself? You are looking to get that PR on your local loop and want to lower your drag? The module 'bikefit - the ultimate process' can help you with all of this. Like the name suggests, this is not one consult but it's a process, you will come back after 3/6 months and after 1 year.

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