Why should you get a coach? Gain a competitive advantage.

A coach can help you get from point A to B faster than you could on your own, helping you differentiate yourself from the pack and advance better, faster, stronger and further.

You want to have some reasons?

A coach brings structure, provides accountability, gets you motivated, lowers the chance of overtraining/injury, explains why you should do certain training types and looks at your weaknesses and underlines your strengths.

Every coaching module follows the next steps:

- We start with an interview (and elaborate questionnaire),

- followed with an exercise test (incl. in Gold) where we look at your current status,

- we analyze and formulate the testresults.

- You’ll get acces to TrainingPeaks, this will be the platform where every trainingsession will be uploaded to. 

- We will be in contact on regular basis to analyze your past week(s), to shift focus and to guide and structure trainingsessions.

- We work towards your goals and pay specific attention to both your strengths & weaknesses.


All coaching packages are paid per month (first payment after the interview & exercise test) with a minimum of 3 months.

  • Incl. interview, follow-up every 2 weeks and TrainingPeaks

    € 75/month
  • Incl. interview, weekly follow-up and TrainingPeaks

    € 125/month
  • Incl. interview, 8'-test, bikefit, daily follow-up and TrainingPeaks

    € 250/month