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 Wahoo Fitness 


2009: ANT+ KEY

It all started due to a simple need, a better way to track, measure and share training data from your sensors back to the iPhone. That need spun into the ANT+ Key, and sparked just beginning of connected fitness.


With mostly ANT+ sensors on the market, we saw the opportunity to connect a new way, and use Bluetooth Technology as an alternative. We introduced the Blue HR & SC sensors, the first heart rate, speed and cadence sensors on the market to connect to softwares and devices via Bluetooth.


We wanted to continue to build on this idea of connected training, and leverage technology to bring the hard rides inside and simulate the resistance and feeling of being outdoors. We set out to build something of our own, little did we know, it would change the way cyclists train indoors and spark a revolution with the KICKR Smart Trainer.


Now that we had the indoor metrics figured out, it was time to step outside our comfort zone. We set out to radically simplify GPS bike computers from the setup to the user experience. The result, ELEMNT; a simply powerful GPS bike computer that uses the intuitive Interface of your smartphone via ELEMNT Companion App to configure and customize the device.


By this point we’d mastered tracking and sharing rides indoors and out; now our focus was on making indoor training the most immersive experience it could be. Insert KICKR CLIMB & KICKR HEADWIND, the innovative trainer accessories that elevated the experience of riding a KICKR Smart Trainer and brought the elements and movements of riding outdoors inside. Creating the most realistic, connected indoor cycling ecosystem.


The obvious progression to this revolution was to replicate, not just your outdoor ride, but your entire bike setup within an indoor smart bike. Our culmination came to be know as KICKR BIKE, a fully customizable indoor smart bike, with grade simulation, that uses the intuitive interface of your smartphone to recreate your outdoor bike ride feel.





Lezyne was founded on March 1st, 2007, by industry icon (and German native) Micki Kozuschek. In the prime of his career as a professional triathlete, Kozuschek began Maxcycles and brought affordable, high-quality bicycles and clothing to the German market. Shortly after moving to the USA, Kozuschek founded Truvativ, which grew to become a leading manufacturer of OEM and aftermarket cycling components. In 2004, Kozuschek sold Truvativ to SRAM and began a two-year break from the cycling industry to focus on building his dream home and spending time with his family.

At a time when poorly engineered, plastic catalog-copied accessories were the standard, Lezyne's goal was to engineer and produce premium quality accessories that meet the same high standards as high-end bicycle components. In few words, Lezyne's goal was Engineered Design.


Today, the goal remains the same and Lezyne is now a cycling accessories industry leader with award winning products worldwide.

Innovative products like the CNC Floor Drive with its secure ABS chuck connection, the Carbon Road Drive with light-weight Full Carbon Technology, and multi tools using Center-Pivot bit design set Lezyne apart and ahead of the competition.


Since 2011, Lezyne has been developing LED lights and again have set new standards in design and function along the way. A team of in-house product designers and engineers work under the lead of Micki Kozuschek to create the highest quality lights in the industry. All Lezyne LEDs are tested in Lezyne's own integrating sphere; an instrument used to measure the lumen output. Lezyne also developed its own lenses to produce the best possible optics for bicycle lights.

In 2015, Lezyne added a new category to their line by introducing GPS computers. While a massive undertaking, it was a natural evolution for the brand that already had a core team of top computer and electrical engineers. Lezyne’s GPS computers were developed in-house from the ground up to be lightweight, user friendly and packed with features. One of key attributes of the GPS computers is the ability to pair with the Lezyne Ally phone app, which enables email, text and phone call notifications.

Heading into Year 10, Lezyne’s product range shows that the brand has once again set new standards for the bicycle accessories market. Their LED range continues to improve and lead the industry in technology, quality and lumen output. Lezyne has also introduced an integrated a low-profile digital gauge to their hand pumps, making them the most technologically advanced hand pumps available today.


Lezyne’s headquarters is located in Reno, Nevada, USA, with office locations in San Luis Obispo, California, USA, Berlin, Germany, and Taichung, Taiwan; all of their products are manufactured and assembled at their factory in Taichung, Taiwan, or by working closely with nearby vendors that produce parts exclusively for Lezyne. Also part of the factory crew, is an in-house quality control team, made up of engineers that supervise construction. This site also supports a warehouse from which Lezyne ships their products to distributors, worldwide. Although being an avid cyclist is not required, many Lezyne employees do enjoy a passion for riding bikes and happily test Lezyne's products before they are put into production.


In addition, Lezyne proudly sponsors top-level athletes including Team Lotto-Soudal, Cedric Gracia, Danny MacAskill, and many more.


Lezyne is a combination of a love for cycling and a passion for design – Exquisitely designed, intelligently engineered, and functionally complete.



 Morgan Blue 

Morgan Blue was born in 1994. The founder Kurt Tembuyser was, in the years before, active as a manufacturer of oil products in the car industry and the agricultural sector under the name Morgan Oils.

Nick Vandecauter, at that time mechanic with the Lotto team, asked Morgan Oils in 1994 to make specific chain oil for racing bikes. The challenge was accepted and several oils were made. After an extensive testing period, the products were fine-tuned and Morgan Oils decided to sponsor the Lotto team and the French Casino team, without selling the products to consumers.


In a next stage Morgan Oils developed a chain cleaner. By adding specific additives, the product turned blue. Soon people were talking about Morgan Blue and the new company name was chosen.


Morgan Blue started distributing to the bicycle industry with a chain oil, a chain cleaner and an assembly grease. The cooperation with the Protour teams was further expanded and in this way new products were developed to complete the range.

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