Founded by Simon Mottram in London in 2004, Rapha makes the world’s finest cycling clothing. For 15 years, our products have redefined comfort, performance, and style for cyclists from absolute beginners through to WorldTour professionals.

Born from a love of the sport, Rapha regularly organises and sponsors unique rides and events. The Rapha Cycling Club was founded in 2015 to bring cyclists together, and today there are already more than 17,000 members worldwide. Our 21 Clubhouses across Europe, North America and Asia have become hubs for RCC members and local cyclists, offering a café space and stocking the latest products.

Rapha is proud to have worked with the sport's best athletes from its earliest days. First, as title sponsor to the British UCI Continental team Rapha-Condor from 2005 to 2012, then as clothing supplier to Team Sky from 2012 to 2016. We continue to work at the top tiers of professional cycling with the women’s UCI WorldTour team CANYON//SRAM since 2016, and, after publishing a two-year study on the state of the sport titled the Rapha Roadmap, we have returned to the men’s WorldTour with EF Education First Pro Cycling from 2019.



Sportful started as a sporting dream, a goal, an ambition.

Olindo & Irma Cremonese, from Asolo in Italy moved to the foothills of the Dolomites in 1946 to build a business - initially shearing, carding & spinning wool yarn.  Eventually the business evolved - producing quality underwear in the late 1960s under the name Manifattura Valcismon.

Sportful’s story really starts in 1972 when their son, Giordano Cremonese, became intrigued by the challenge of the new Marcialonga cross-country ski race- taking place near his home.

Though he was a keen cross country skier & athlete in general, he felt that the clothes available at the time were inadequate for such a long race in a cold valley. He set about producing some of his own designs using Acrylic fabrics that were state of the art at the time, the finishing touch on the garments was the ‘Sportful’ logo to highlight their design & purpose.


In 1985 with a solid reputation for ski wear, the Sportful brand followed Dr. Cremonese’s other sporting passion & began to develop clothing for cycling, using it’s knowledge gained from designing apparel to perform comfortably in changing conditions. The brand was well received in the cycling community, with teams such as Ceramiche Ariostea, Maglificio Bianchi using Sportful. Within a few years was in use by possibly the most successful team of all time –Mapei & then later the honour of clothing the Italian National team who won 6 World Championships and 1 Olympic title in Sportful.

Some things always remain the same though; we are driven by our love of sport, mountains & our desire to innovate.

We are Sportful.



After retiring from a 12-year professional cycling career at the end of 2016, former Dutch National Road Champion Iris Slappendel began working on her new apparel brand; I R I S, her first name but also an abbreviation – ‘I Ride In Style’.

After years of collaborating with cycling brands creating designs for them (whilst juggling her professional racing career), Slappendel decided that if she truly wanted to create the perfect cycling apparel brand she would need to own the process from start to finish. In 2017, I R I S was born so Slappendel could have complete control over the materials, the fit and the design to create products that in her eyes didn’t compromise on performance or style.

I R I S designs don’t hold back. They are bold, fearless and colourful illustrating Slappendel’s own nature and personality in every collection. Her designs stand out to enable you to express your own personality on the bike and most importantly have fun with every ride. The collections are carefully curated limited runs for all genders and sizes, to provide unique designs so that all eyes are on you.


You don’t have to be a medal winning champion to ride in high-performance cycling apparel. Slappendel obsesses over the details of each item; from sourcing and selecting the right fabrics for the garments purpose, to smart design like the magnetic closure for a faff-free pee stop.

Being a former National Champion and part of the professional road peloton from 2004 – 2016, Slappendel has extensive knowledge and insights into the fit and functionality of cycling apparel that doesn’t compromise on performance.



We are a textile company, 100% Valencian, which manufactures high quality sportswear. Our facilities, located in Genovés (Valencia), cover the entire manufacturing process of the garment: design, development and manufacture. This allows us to be one of the few companies in Spain that carry out the entire manufacturing process themselves.


Born from the passion for the world of sport, we are always advancing in the search for excellence and maximum quality in every garment made in our factory. Two decades of experience in professional cycling have allowed us to adapt to the needs of today's cyclist and to extend our "know-how" to various sports: trail, triathlon, swimming, basketball, soccer, skiing...


The close relationship we have with high performance sport helps us to discover new fields of development. At the same time, the large manufacturing volume allows us to access and select the best raw materials. The union of both offers as a result last generation garments.



Trendy bodyglowers for adults and children

We choose our outfits carefully before we step outside the door, from a stylish T-shirt to corresponding shoes. Why not pay the same attention to your fluorescent accents, so they match both your personal style and the outfit you’re wearing beneath? Gofluo is convinced that high-vis jackets, backpack covers and other reflective accessories can also look hip and fashionable. With our bodyglowers you’ll be safe and good-looking when you take to the streets.

Go smart, go safe, Gofluo!

Every day, thousands of us hop on our bikes or walk to school and work. We go jogging, exercise the dog or take a spin on our racing bike to unwind. On all these occasions, and as vulnerable road users, it is vitally important to wear the right reflective accessories. Gofluo’s designs turn you into an eye-catcher, thereby reducing the risk of accidents while commuting or relaxing. 

Winter, summer, morning or evening – being visible in traffic is always a must.

Safety adapted to your urban lifestyle

Although safety is crucial, the average high-vis jacket doesn’t immediately strike one as being an attractive urban look. Antwerp-born fashion designer Julie Vets, who was searching for fluorescent and beautiful accessories for herself and her family, felt the same. Unable to find anything, she put her professional skills to good use and became the first person to launch a fashion-conscious collection of jackets, backpack covers and other fluorescent items.

Nobody who wears a Gofluo bodyglower will go unnoticed. Even the most fashion-conscious person will enjoy wearing one of our jackets. These statement pieces are more than just a safety precaution – they are also colourful and stylish accessories. Gofluo fans can be spotted from afar thanks to the flattering fit of their jackets, the sunny colours and the fun prints that enliven the streets and cycle lanes.



One size does not fit all.

We match the fit to the function of every shoe we make. The footwear comfort & performance needs of cyclists are not only dependent upon the type of riding they will do, but also their gender & how hard they ride. This theory goes beyond materials & construction methods to the actual foot form (the “last”) around which a shoe is built to determine whether a shoe meets a particular need. Instead of trying to make one or two foot shapes fit every rider, we have created a variety lasts to meet most riders needs. The following descriptions will help you choose the model which best meets your needs.

Since 1982 Lake has innovated new categories in the cycling shoe market. Mountain Bike Shoes were inexistent until Lake produced the first shoe designed specifically to handle the rough terrain and stiff enough to not cause foot fatigue and the same could be said for the fat bike boot that was designed a decade before the competition ever conceived that this was a category for cycling. Not many companies are focused primarily on the foot and neither are they making only footwear; however, Lake remains resolute in our focus, to make the most comfortable, best performing cycling shoe in the market. 

We hope you will join the family of Lake Shoe Supporters who will wear your cycling shoes long past their expiration date.



Roeckl’s guiding principle, originally conceived in 1839, still stands true today. As a family-run company, we combine values such as tradition and quality with a high degree of innovative strength and an unrelenting endeavor to develop outstanding products.
This strong passion for gloves remains the company’s driving force to this very day. And focusing on one product pays off: As a specialist glove manufacturer, Roeckl is synonymous with tried and tested functionality and tangible wear comfort. Premium materials, a top-quality fit and meticulous workmanship make all the difference. This cannot be achieved by science alone. It requires experience. And that is precisely where Roeckl can pride itself on over 180 years of expertise in the art of glove tailoring.

To this day, we focus our entire wealth of experience in developing gloves that best fulfill the specific requirements of respective sports activities and target groups. Our driving force is the high demands that top athletes have with regard to functionality, fit and wear comfort. In line with our motto “Follow the champions and feel the difference”, recreational athletes enjoy the full benefits of our close partnership with top professional athletes.

This long-standing family-run business, based in Munich, is now in its sixth generation. Roeckl sports gloves are sold in more than 60 countries. The product portfolio comprises gloves for cycling, running and equestrian sports, as well as cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and outdoor activities.