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  • Try to ride as much days as possible. 8 times 67 kilometers will be easier than 4 times 125 kilometers.

  • Ride on day one !

  • Ride in group to have an easier rhythm and faster pace.

  • Install mudguards and wear overshoes. These will keep you and your bike dry and cleaner.

  • If really rainy, wear your tights over your overshoes. Thank us later.

  • Layer-up. Start with a thermal layer, wear something breathable, water resistant and with some good wind protection a buff to protect your ears and neck and gloves.


  • Fuel your way through the ride: eat and repeat it, from the start until the last minutes. Try to eat between 30-60g of carbohydrates each hour. This can be a gel, cookie, candy, banana, energy bar, ... This will give you the energy to survive the longer rides and to keep warm during the cold and wet rides.

  • Stay hydrated; before, during and after the ride. Drink isotonic sportsdrinks during your rides. Although you’re not sweating so much during winter rides, you still need water. 

  • Find your rhythm : pace yourself, doesn’t matter if you use RPE, heartrate or power as long as you know your rhythm

  • Plan your stops : Look for bigger cities or villages on your route.

  • Take the essentials : for mechanicals, bad weather, for an urgent pitstop, …​

  • Proteins : Try to have a meal or something rich with proteins immediately after the ride. This is called the window of opportunity and will enable an enhanced recovery. Whey protein is for example a good idea.

  • Eat well before and after all your rides, this will boost your general recovery.




  • Friday 24/12 : 60km Bruine Put before the shop & 40km Petit Pajot after the shop.

  • Saturday 25/12 : Probably no ride.

  • Sunday 26/12 : Flat Gran Fondo ride for fast kilometers 100km.

  • Monday 27/12 : Petit Pajot 40km.

  • Tuesday 28/12 : COUREUR 500 GROUP RIDE 110km

  • Wednesday 29/12 : Petit Pajot 40km.

  • Thursday 30/12 : 150km ride to the Felix' hometown

  • Friday 31/12 : Hopefully no more ride, this would mean I skipped too much earlier on.


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