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As most of you will know by now, this weekend the cyclocross world championships will be held in the United States of America, Fayetteville to be more precise. The perfect opportunity to organise a championship, but a bit closer to home.


Because we don't want you to slog through the mud for more than an hour, we got our inspiration from the concept of Last Man Standing. A concept that we got to know ourselves during a Fixed Gear event on a karting track in Berlin. Several races in small groups where we will be dropping one rider every two laps until only two remain who sprint for victory.


We've set out a small course of around 300 meters each lap. This lap contains all the aspects you need to master as a worthy cross rider, a running zone, the sloping side, a bar and the short S-curve. The race starts on the bike, after two laps the 4th crosser drops out, after four laps the 3rd crosser drops out, after six laps of course only one wins. The first two riders qualify for the next round of table A which is for places 1 to 16. The third and fourth crosser will still be able to crown themselves king of the B table, places 16-32.

To praticipate, join our  Strava club  and join  the Strava event  ( only 6 spots are left ).




  • Bring a mask.

  • Keep a responsible distance, we're all mature enough aren't we.

  • No fans, only riders.

  • Helmet mandatory.

  • Minimum 33mm tyre width with profile ( let's call it a big tyre race ).

  • Spare tyre and material for possible repairs.

  • Meet up at the shop at 8.00am.

  • Departure at the shop 8.30am sharp.

  • Estimated return around noon.


  • Bring an extra warm jacket or jumper, you will not only be cycling but you'll stand still as well.

  • In case of bad weather and/or rain, there will be a possibility to take shelter.

  • We will also provide a short run and gpx file to get you warmed up  click here  .

  • Bring your own drinks and food.

  • Bring your good mood.





1 st A final   >>>   22/23 Coureur Brussels cross team membership + Coureur Brussels championship

2 nd A final   >>>   Coureur Brussels black t-shirt

3 rd A final   >>>   Coureur Brussels black t-shirt

1 st B Final   >>>   Coureur Brussels championship shirt

2 nd B final   >>>   Coureur Brussels black t-shirt

3 rd B final   >>>   Coureur Brussels black t-shirt

6D Sports Nutrition for all participants.


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