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After the second lockdown in November, we were still excited in December that were allowed to open on appointment. We cannot deny that our experience this time is slightly different. After a strange first month, we had the impression that we were getting on cruising speed. But like everyone else, we will have to hit the brakes for a while. For us, this means four things, three of which we think are definitely positive!

1. Bikefits and exercise tests are temporarily suspended.

Everyone who had an appointment will be placed on a list in chronologically order.

As soon as the government allows again, you will be contacted in that order to set a new appointment.


Don't have an appointment yet? Simply contact us and we will add you on that list.

2. The shop will be open on appointment as rules allow.

We do not see this as a limitation but rather an opportunity to assist each and every one of you for 30 minutes, to give advice and to answer all your questions. Whether it's about clothing, material or training.


3. We will temporarily provide some extra slots for bicycle repairs.

The current waiting time of 3 to 4 weeks can be shortened for some of you.


4. The webshop will be updated again.

Want to avoid coming to the shop, have a look at webshop and simply order them that way.

  During your visit, the following rules apply :


- Maximum duration 30 minutes.

- Mouth mask obligatory.

- 1,5 metres distance between all other persons present at all times.

- Mandatory disinfection of hands upon entering the shop.

- If you show any symptoms, we ask you to stay at home and come back later.

Sunday - Monday - Tuesday



Wednesday - Thursday - Friday

10:00am - 6:30pm


11:00am - 5:00pm