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To be able to organize a structured Last Man Standing tournament we kindly ask you to fill in the form below and confirm your presence. The subscription is of course free. Please note that there will be running, "balkskes" and mud involved.

Thanks and see you Saturday the 4th of February!

Just like we did last year we will be racing for the that beautiful striped jersey and... more importantly a spot on the 23/24 team. This year, there is a spot for one man and one woman. *If there are at least four participants in your category. Just like we did last year we leave from the shop and go for the Laerbeek Forest. Same spot as last year but a secret track nonetheless.


We race on Saturday the 4th of February :

08:15 Meet-up

08:30 Roll-out razor sharp

09:00 Briefing and track reveal

09:15 First (Wo)men Standing

11:15 Last Men Standing

11:30 Podium

12:00 Back at the shop for coffee and chit-chats

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have questions. All participants are responsible for their own safety and insurance & most importantly, enjoy cyclocross!