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 #COLDECOUREUR  summer selfie challenge 


Summer holidays are here, so from today on we have a summer challenge with several prizes to win. Basically we want you to climb!


  1. You pick up a/or some free stickers at the shop.

  2. Get yourself on your bike.

  3. Go for the closest, highest or coolest mountain pass around.

  4. Stick the sticker on the mountain top sign.

  5. Take a selfie with the sticker on the sign.

  6. Post it on a socials with  #coldecoureur  OR you send us that selfie as a postcard through the application or Bpost website (€2,80).


 What to win? 


An innocent hand will pick a postcard and an innocent swipe will point a winner for both options. Since the postcard option takes a little more effort the prize for this option will be a little more exclusive than for the online option.


POSTCARD prize : A standard bikefit (€200) & Season-set-up maintenance package (€175). Basically it's the idea that you leave the shop with.a bike fully set and checked. Everyone who send a postcard will receive a 500ml Coureur water bottle for the effort.

SOCIALS prize : The all new Oakey Sutro Sweep.



  • The contest runs from the 1st of July until the 31st of August 2022

  • The sticker needs to be visible on the selfie.

  • You can participate in both contests.

  • You can participate multiple times, we want you to climb, but with a maximum of three for each contest.

  • There is no minimum height, but the sign needs to indicate it clearly.

  • For the socials prize you need to follow us on the chosen social media.

  • We need to be tagged

  • The hashtag #coldecoureur needs to me mentioned.

  • We'll be screening Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / TikTok

  • Online the posts need to be done before the 31st of August.

  • We will take in account postcards received until the 14th of September.

  • We might use the postcards in the shop.

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