With five races done and a rest week coming up we thought it was time for a little recap of the first part of our first CX team season.


In a nutshell. We're happy and we're having fun! A lot of midfield fooling around and in-race races. Unfortunately some lows with severe crashes for Gehan (out until 2023) and Nisse (out for at least two weeks). But as well highs with prize Pigeon Idriss. Tom and Felix only rode three crosses because of a trainingcamp in Mallorca but therefore still battling to get a better starting position.


Let us have look at the GC :


Idriss   3rd   after 5 out of 5 races.

Felix   12th   after 3 out of 5 races.

Tom   17th   after 3 out of 5 races.

Gehan   18th   after 3 out of 5 races.

Nisse   19th   after 3 out of 5 races.


Not that we didn't know, but we learned that a good start is half a win. Getting out of the midfield is a battle and basically determines a huge part of your race and so your result. Unless you are Idriss, our new kid is doing beyond what we and himself expected.


Nisse struggled a little taking risks but for good reasons. Gehan on the other hand tried to keep up with Idriss and struggles taking less risks.


Diesel engine as he is, Felix is slowly working his way up in the GC with slightly better results every week. A first top 10 won't take him long anymore.


Tom finishes each time close to Felix, but he had some mechanical issues which cost him some points.


Furthermore we're very happy to see that Brussels is being represented more and more by clients from ours, but as well from other teams like Brussels Cycling Team and Hors Catégorie.


See you on the 4th of december in Huldenberg.